Compare that to Donald, who had turnover in 9 key positions

Frankly we dare you to try. We know you’ll be tempted. The burritos here tend to make one forget all about dropping the chalupa, or whatever the nonsense of the week is at that ubiquitous Mexican fast food chain. Bush replaced 1. Clinton replaced 3.Compare that to Donald, who had turnover in 9 key positions.In addition to that, notice how many folks were forced out (represented by a hermes birkin bag replica red dot on the charts).In Donald administration, 7 people were forced out of their positions during the first 14 months. Reasons for being forced out included things like Michael Flynn having to leave because he got caught lying about his diplomatic communications with Russian officials, and Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus getting ousted from their jobs because Donald reportedly didn like the job they were doing.Our current president is fickle at best, volatile at worst, and that shows in the historic turnover rate in his administration.

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